Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mirror Mirror, On the Wall

A couple of weeks ago Grover and I were in TJ Maxx/Homegoods and found the perfect mirror for our guest bathroom. Unfortunately, the price tag wasn’t perfect. $40 for a simple mirror was just too much to stomach. Upon closer inspection, we decided we could make on ourselves. Ok, Grover decided he could do it. I just supervise!

We found this mirror in Big Lots for $10.

March 10 Projects 002Grover took the mirror out of the frame and made this:

March 10 Projects 009This was all out of scraps, so basically the project cost $10 for the mirror and the frame can be saved for a future project. Sounds better than $40 to me!

Here is a before and after of the finished mirror in the bathroom!

March 10 Projects 012

And here is my new mirror in its new home:

March 10 Projects 015

I would like to put a couple of hooks under the shelf, but haven’t found the perfect ones just yet. Also, I’m still looking for the perfect accessories, but that will come eventually. For now, Little Monkey likes to stick a toothbrush up there..

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  1. Man that Grover is something else. He does amazing work.

  2. That's a great tip checking out Big Lots - I forget about that little gem of a store.

  3. You two are so smart! That looks so good. Great job! Ohh, looking for the perfect hooks will be so much fun now.

  4. Okay, seriously? I would stay on the toilet way after I was done just so I could stare at that - BEAUTIFUL!!

  5. @Rebecca That is probably one of the funniest things I have ever heard.