Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Mario Blanket

I thought I'd share a blanket I made several months ago. We were at the beach one weekend and I found this sassy yarn that I had to have.. It matches nothing in the house and it's not the sort of yarn I usually go for, but for whatever reason it called to me that day! It took me several more months to actually do anything with it, b/c every time I walked by it all snuggled into its basket, I thought, "Why do I have this? I should take it back.." But I never did. And I'm glad, b/c it turned out really cute and my son loves it. It fits perfectly on his bed. The blanket wasn't originally for him, but he wanted it, so I was glad it found it's place. My brother dubbed it "The Mario Blanket." Never thought about naming my blankets before... If anyone wants the pattern, I'll be happy to post it, just leave me a comment!

Thanks for reading, enjoy!


  1. Such a happy blanket for a little guy..! I'm glad he loved it and made it his own - so cool!


  2. That is some sassy yarn. I bet it is perfect for a boy! Nice job.